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That is a real question that many new Muse users ask, "Where can I find Adobe Muse Widgets?".

One answer is 123muse has been developing high-quality widgets for Adobe Muse for more more than three years, ever since the introduction of the Mucow* format.

Our aim is to build useful widgets that help you solve design and functionality issues within Muse. Some widgets are novelties.

However, with widgets for Muse such as responsive video and audio players, video backgrounds, Google Photos powered image galleries, embeddable RSS feeds and Muse widgets for third-party services like Jotform, Selz, Adobe Spark Page and Pinterest we have created solutions helping thousands of companies around the world every day.

Don't forget the built-in widgets.

With so many third-party widgets for Adobe Muse sometimes it is easy to forget the amazing widgets already built into Muse. The composition widget is probably the most versatile element of them all allowing the creation of sliders, many systems and more.

The menu widgets auto update as you add new pages. Accordions tab panels enable you to create complex interactions in minutes. Add to those the state button and gallery widget, and you have a vast array of widgets at your fingertips.

So where can you find Adobe Muse widgets? Why not take a look in Muse first and see if you can use what's built in to create your next widget solution.

*What is the Mucow format?

Mucow stands for 'Muse Configurable Options Widget. Mucow code is a sub-set of XML tags that allow developers like 123muse to build widgets for Adobe Muse.

For more information about the Mucow format see here.