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      Add virtually any RSS feed.

      So we know Muse does not have a blog component but that does not mean you can't hook a blog into Muse. With this very useful Easy RSS widget, you can add your latest blog entry previews to your Muse site from virtually any RSS feed.

      The content will automatically update when your RSS feed updates keeping your site fresh and up to date. Unlike many templates, you may see on the market that show "Latest News" section that are static this widget now makes it truly possible to have a real latest news section on a Muse site.


      For use with Muse:
      Works with: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Breakpoints
      Current version: 2.3


      The package contains 1 MULIB. Included in the Easy RSS 2.0 are the installable file/files and any other additional files you will need to use this widget.


      Watch the training video for the best source of help with this widget. 123muse can help with the widget, please use our support service.

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