POI (Points of Interest) Buttons

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      Add mobile friendly Points Of Interest buttons.

      Every wanted to add clickable points of interest to Muse projects? Now you can start with POI. This widget creates clickable, animated buttons with pop-up tooltips supplying relevant information.


      For use with Muse:
      Works with: Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, Breakpoints
      Current version: 1.0

      So many uses.

      Places on a custom map, more information about a product, app or sketch. POI buttons are fully responsive to mobile design, very customisable and easy to use.

      Add multiple POI's with any combination of tooltips flyouts opening left, right, above or below each button. Customise the look of the button set with color, shape style.

      When the page is viewed on a mobile device the widget activates the tooltips as full page details to ensure your tooltips remain readable.


      The package contains 1 MULIB. Included in the POI (Points of Interest) Buttons are the installable file/files and any other additional files you will need to use this widget.


      Watch the training video for the best source of help with this widget. 123muse can help with the widget, please use our support service.

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